Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Advice and a Second Opinion

If any problem is discovered in the normal course of your pregnancy, you are invited to come to me for advice and a second opinion.

I believe in “evidence-based medicine” and am careful to examine each situation thoroughly, from all aspects, and to base my recommendation or opinion on facts and solid scientific knowledge.

If it seems that a problem requires further investigation, I will place all my experience and the information I have at your disposal, and together we can seek further advice from specialists over the internet. You will have full attention and all the facts that will help you to make the correct decision.

Among other things, I specialize in providing a second opinion on the risk of premature birth and can decide if there is a reason to induce an early birth or an indication for abdominal delivery; what kind of observation is required in view of any background illnesses or problems discovered during pregnancy; and more.