Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Extended Pregnancy Scans

The high degree of skills I acquired in my fellowship in maternal-fetal medicine and my experience of many years working in the field enable me to carry out personally all the tests and scans required during pregnancy, using some of the most advanced 3D and 4D instruments.

Early Extended Pregnancy scan (week 14-16)

This test examines the structure of the fetus and its various physical systems, in order to identify any defects as early as possible.

Later Extended Pregnancy scan (from week 20)

The purpose of this test is also to identify any congenital defects and chromosomal problems in the fetus. The age of the pregnancy and the more mature body organs mean the results are more accurate than those obtained from the early scan.

Third Pregnancy Scan (week 30-34)

There are some developmental defects that can only be discovered in the third trimester of pregnancy, so they are not identified in the early and later scans. The third scan examines all the fetal organs in depth, with particular attention paid to the brain chambers, the kidneys, the urinary system and the digestive system.

Watch Dr. Hendler explain about pregnancy scans (Hebrew):

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