Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Monitoring High-Risk Pregnancy

I bring my experience and knowledge as a senior physician in the High-Risk Pregnancy Department at Sheba to my private practice.

  • Maternal illnesses: hypertension, lupus, diabetes, obesity, hypercoagulation, muscular and skeletal disorders, heart diseases, APLA, frequent miscarriages.
  • Obstetric problems: premature births, multiple pregnancies including identical twins and triplets, fetal reduction in multiple pregnancies, pregnancy after surgery or caesarian procedures, fetal rotation (ECV) to a head-down position.
  • Fetal problems: ultrasonographic findings, genetic diseases, defects, delayed growth, increased fetal growth, incongruity of fetal metrics in ultrasound.
  • Providing consultancy during pregnancy on maternal or fetal problems, consultancy on external rotation of the fetus, consultancy on the manner of birth, and on whether or not the birth should be induced.

Monitoring and consultancy are performed privately. Refunds are available from private health insurance companies, such as Harel, Phoenix, and others.