My credo: Medicine at eye level

I believe that the era in which the doctor examined the patient, diagnosed and delivered the results in a dry, brief way has long passed. This is even more true in the case of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a kind of emotional roller-coaster. Sometimes, in addition to the changes taking place in the body, the level of anxiety also rises in direct proportion. I believe in sharing, giving information and explaining it, speaking “at eye level”. My basic assumption is that the more information you have, the lower your level of anxiety. It is important to me to prevent unnecessary tension and worries during pregnancy, while at the same time helping the future parents to deal with reality, even if it is not easy.

The human contact

In the technological world we live in, a great deal of contact with the physician is through written interpretations of tests and computer screens. I believe that there is no substitute for human contact between the doctor and the patient. Being a good doctor is not just being professional and gathering degrees and skills. Being a good doctor is, first and foremost, being a “good person”, giving every woman or couple the time they need to ask questions, giving them full attention, openness to their questions, and patience. My considerable experience in my various fields of specialization, gained in Israel and abroad, undoubtedly helps me to provide professional, reliable medical treatment, in an atmosphere of respect and warm personal attention.

Evidence-Based Medicine

I believe in ‘evidence-based medicine’ and meticulously examine every situation in all its aspects, and base every recommendation or opinion on facts and on solid scientific knowledge.

My availability

I am always available on a mobile phone at all times of the day, and always find the time to answer any question and respond to any request. My heartfelt goal is for all women to feel a sense of confidence at all stages of pregnancy and birth.

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